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Memorial Centre

In Memorium donations are a meaningful way to remember a relative, friend or colleague who has passed away. Typically, a gift in memory occurs at or soon after the memorial or funeral service of an individual who has passed away. Friends and family are asked to make a donation to Madrugada, most often in lieu of flowers. Like our Tribute Giving option, In Memorium allows you to create an In Memorium post about a loved one. The Madrugada 'In Memorium' page is an on-line message board dedicated to the remarkable people who have touched the lives of Madrugada’s donors. This is a place where donors can express their feelings of friendship, love, admiration or sympathy, and leave an on-line message and donation to benefit Madrugada.

In the near future, you will be able to up-load your 'In Memorium’ message and donation to Madrugada on-line. Our easy to use 'In Memorium' template will allow you to create your own 'In Memorium’ message which will be posted on the 'In Memorium' page of the Madrugada website once reviewed by the web team.

You have the choice of creating your messages as three, six or twelve month periods.

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