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    How you can help raise funds for Madrugada

    There are many different ways to raise money for charity, however, the most important thing is that you do something you want to do and you feel you can persuade your friends and colleagues to support. These activities may include organising an event, taking part in a sponsored challenge like a swim, walk, dance, slim, or you could have a collection or sale of goods like the Walk in Wardrobe event.

    To purchase tickets for any Madrugada Fund Raising Event please call into the Madrugada Charity Shop, Praia da Luz (open from Mondays to Saturdays 10h00 – 16h00) or contact 282 761 375.

    When planning an event consider the following questions:
    What sort of event do you want to organise?
    Do you have time or do you need help?
    When and where should the event take place?
    Will it be of interest to the local press?
    Will it make money? – income generated should be at least 3 times expenditure.
    Do you need any licences or permissions for the event?
    Does the venue meet current health & safety requirements?
    Is there sufficient parking available close by or suitable public transport?

    Ideas to raise funds at home with your friends & family:
    Dinner Party – Cook a themed dinner for 10-20 guests and charge say €15 per head.

    Karaoke Night – Invite you friends to your home if you have the necessary equipment or to a friendly local karaoke bar and charge an entrance fee. Offer a prize for the best singer. Try to persuade the bar owner to donate a percentage of the takings.

    Ideas for raising funds at work:
    Dress up or dress down day – staff pay for the privilege of wearing unconventional clothing to work and pay a forfeit if they don't join in.

    Company matching – Some companies may match amounts raised by employees and donate this to charity.

    Best dressed pet competition – Staff bring in photographs of their pets, dressed up and pay €1 to enter the competition which could be judged by the management or other staff.

    Ideas for raising funds locally:
    Car boot sale/house clearance – perfect time to get rid of unwanted gifts. Charge an entry fee and sell raffle tickets. Sell refreshments.

    Quiz Night – Ask restaurants, bars and clubs to participate in a profit sharing evening, include a raffle. Charge entry fee.

    Seasonal Balls – Arrange a ‘summer ball' either fully catered or bring your own Champagne picnic. Invite bands and or orchestras to play during the evening, free of charge. Hold a raffle, charge and entry fee.

    Dog Show – entry fees, prizes, judging etc

    Plant Sales – Invite keen gardeners to donate their unwanted plants. Charge entry fee

    Summer Fete – Entry fee, stalls, raffle, competitions like best cakes, biggest marrow

    Auctions – Ask retailers, companies and individuals for items to be donated, get an excellent auctioneer who is able to persuade buyers to part with lots of money, this could be linked with a dinner function.

    There are a few regulations that must be kept:

    Use the charity name, registration number and logo on all fund raising material. (These can be found in the ‘collaterals' section of this website).

    Ensure that your venue has public liability insurance and if you are hiring equipment make sure that they have their own insurance.

    Check to see if there are licences required for holding your event. Liquor licence is required if you intend to sell alcohol. Live music may require a licence and if you are selling raffle tickets prior to the event, a lotteries licence may be required.

    Collecting money is legal when done on private property but if you want to collect money in a public place you must have a licence from the local authority.

    We will be designing a fund raising agreement and would ask that fund raisers sign and return the agreement once this is established

    We will also be creating a database of celebrities willing to assist us in fundraising events. It is important to check with the management team before you contact celebrities as they may well be helping in some way already.

    Top Tips
    Organise something you enjoy as this will make the whole experience fun.

    The simplest events are often the best. Stick with what you know – if you are particularly good at sport or have a special skill like cooking, try to make the most of this by focusing your event around it.

    Ask friends to help you with the preparation and on the day – they may have ideas that you hadn't thought of and additional contacts to invite.

    Do a timeline for your event: when will you send out invitations, obtain prizes, book suppliers, and other important things to remember.

    Make sure your guests know to bring their cheque book or cash so they can't escape your fundraising!

    Raising the most from your event
    Use every opportunity to hold a raffle, tombola or auction. Ask local shops and restaurants to donate prizes.

    Keep costs to a minimum buy asking local suppliers to donate or at least sell at cost the food, drink and decorations.

    Ask local companies to sponsor your event and underwrite the costs in return for publicity in your event material.

    On the day
    Try to get as much as possible prepared before the big day to save any last minute panics.

    Don't forget to have a float of small change if you are selling raffle tickets.

    Allocate one person to be responsible for all the money on the day.

    Delegate tasks to your volunteers and make sure they are clear about what is expected of them on and before the day.

    Understand that you will be working hard on the day and may not have the chance to socialise.

    How to Secure Press Coverage
    By getting your story in the local or even national media, you could really add to the success of your fundraising activities. By telling as many people as possible about what you are doing and why, you could increase the attendance at your event, raise more sponsorship money and increase awareness about Madrugada.

    The best way to secure press coverage is to write an interesting and informative press release or offer an entry well in advance for a publication's diary page. It is important to keep the piece short but informative. If you need help please contact Madrugada's marketing and PR man:
    Clive Goodacre on 969288888 or

    Who should you tell about your event?

    Try approaching:
    Local newspapers
    Local radio stations
    Local TV stations
    Local websites – including business
    Local magazines

    You will need to call either the news desk or sometimes for radio or TV stations, the planning desk. Explain what you are doing and ask for the contact details of the most relevant person to send the release to. Chase up your contact a few days later and check that they have received it and whether they are interested in following it up.

    Remember to include all the contact details and relevant information but keep it brief. If you are successful in obtaining coverage you may be interviewed in person or over the phone and your picture may be taken. Please keep us fully informed of all media attention so we can make the most of your help.

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