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Padel Mashup 18.06.2023 15h00
18 June 2023
Ocean Padel Club Luz
Fun padel tennis event to raise awareness and funds for Madrugada, hosted by Ocean Padel Club Luz. With the first matches of the afternoon starting at 3pm, the competition will follow an Open Mixed Doubles Americano format.
MADRUGADA PADEL MASHUP – EVENT INFORMATION (available for download just click HERE)
Who can play?
  • Players from all levels are invited to register, the minimum requirement is previous match experience sufficient to maintain a rally and return the ball off the back glass. All players must have their own racquet
  • We are looking for at least 48 players (men and women) to register and mixed pairs will be drawn at random
  • Players do not need affiliation to OPC, players from all clubs are welcome
What is Americano?
  • The matches are short and are played for a predetermined number of points – in this case each match will be 24 points, or 25 in the event of a draw
  • There will be a Marshall on each court, who will keep the scores and the matches on track (if there are any disputes, the Marshalls decision will be final)
  • At the start of each match, the Marshall will toss a coin to determine which pair serves first, the other pair will choose their starting end, there will be 6 successive serves per person and the pairs will change ends after 12 points
  • Points will be awarded based on scores e.g. if the match ends 14-10, the winning pair get 14 points, and the losing pair 10 points. If the match ends 12-12, there will be a golden point (the additional serve will be taken by the player who served first), in this case the winning pair get 13 points, and the losing pair 12 points
  • In addition, the winning pair from each match will get 10 bonus points.
How will the competition work?
  • Subject to numbers*, 24 pairs will be split at random into 8 groups of 3 pairs, 2 groups per court. The first 2 matches will be against the pairs in the same group, the 3rd match will be against a pair from the other group on the same court, dependent upon the points scored – the highest scoring pair from each group will play the second highest scoring pair from the other group, and the 2 pairs in third place will play each other
  • After each pair has played 3 matches all pairs will be seeded and the top scoring 16 pairs will progress to the knockout rounds. In the event that 2 pairs are tied on points, the pair with the highest single match score will be seeded the highest of the 2 pairs
  • The winning pair will be awarded a Trophy and the accolade of inaugural Madrugada Padel Mashup Champions.
How much does it cost and how do you register?
  • The entry fee is 10 euros per player and all proceeds after costs will be donated to Madrugada
  • Pre-registration is required in order for the pairs to be drawn and the competition format to be confirmed (* if we don’t get 24 pairs the event will proceed and the format changed accordingly)
  • To register text/WhatsApp Gilly (Madrugada volunteer and event organiser) on +351 939 961 838 giving your full name, which will be added to a WhatsApp group set up specifically for this event - by registering participants are agreeing to their name and number being retained and shared with other players
  • Once registered, players will be asked to pay their registration fee and a number of options will be available – due to the costs associated with this event this fee is non-refundable
  • In the event that players are unable to play on the day, reserves will be invited to play
  • On the day, all players will be asked to sign a form to release Madrugada from any liability that may arise as a result of this event.
Can family and friends support?
  • Yes please! The event is supported by Izakaya Luz bar and restaurant – food and drinks will be available to purchase and there is a fantastic patio area with views over all the courts

Your support, whether as a player or a spectator helps Madrugada to provide care and support to people affected by life limiting illness – help us to make this a fun filled afternoon and a great competition.

You are welcome to download an information poster HERE!  Ideal for sharing