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Paul Mott's 100k Charity Walk

We are very grateful for the efforts of all those that support Madrugada; from the volunteers that dedicate their time in a variety of capacities to those that organize events to raise funds for Madrugada. Without our volunteers, we would not be able to provide end of life palliative care services in the community. Thank you to all our volunteers and to those that have raised funds for Madrugada in the past couple of months.

Paul Mott's 100k Charity Walk - featured on page 46 in November’s edition of Tomorrow Magazine https://tomorrowalgarve.com/november-2021-printed-version - raised funds for Madrugada and the Lagos Orphans Fund. In addition, the Golfe Santo Antonio Captain’s Charity Fund contributed with top-up funds. In total €3.000 was raised for Madrugada. Thank you Paul Mott and Mary Berry!