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A new location for our centre
Coming soon
R. Direita 44, 8600-160, Luz, Lagos

We are delighted to announce that we have secured some new premises, right here in the heart of Luz, for our new centre.  As you may know, affordable property is scarce in Luz for the size we wanted but we found the ex. Palm Bay facilities to be a good fit.  It was important to us to make sure that we stlll have a community base and once we are settled in, we can tell you more about what the new space can offer you.

We are currently working hard with the refurbishment, keeping costs to a minumim and for that we have to thank the generousity of donations provided by some local businesses that have helped us to get to where we are now and onwards towards completion.  A big thank you to them and we wil publish more details of this at a later date. 

We aim to be in our new home towards the latter end of the year and we will publish details of the opening nearer the time.