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The Madrugada Concept

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    Having been diagnosed with cancer or any other form of life limiting illness, a patient, their close family and/or carers will quickly understand that receiving such a diagnosis can be a traumatic and life changing event.

    On hearing the news, people often report feeling sick, disorientated, very sad, angry, frustrated, scared, lost, isolated, in need of support and often unsure of what to do for the best.

    At a time when patients maybe trying to come to terms with the news that they have a life limiting illness, they may also be asked to make some of the most important decisions of their life

    It can be very difficult to remember to ask all the relevant questions about the illness, let alone the options that maybe available. Information isn't always readily available and this can leave people feeling lost and unsure. For those who are computer literate, the internet offers a huge resource of information which in itself can become overwhelming and confusing. Often this information gives conflicting advice and there are many claims about miracle cures. What ever patients choose to do, they deserve to make truly informed decisions based on what's right for them.

    Medical intervention can be intensive, stressful and draining on patients, families and carers. There are many ways to lessen, manage or even prevent the side affects of treatment and psychological impact of diagnosis.


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