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The Madrugada Concept

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  • Planned Services

    We want to be able to help people to adapt the way they live and cope with life limiting illness.  

    We want to support people dealing with the psychological impact of trauma which often goes hand in hand with a diagnosis and may well impact further on the health of the patient.  

    We want to promote realistic positive attitudes and dispel harmful victim mentalities, by showing people that there are many ways to live with and eventually even overcome the affects serious illness.

    We are well aware that an unwelcome diagnosis impacts on the family of those affected and for this reason we want to extend our services to support family members and carers.

    From the ‘Madrugada Advice Centre' in Praia Da Luz, we will provide:
    • clear information
    • psychological and emotional support
    • nutritional and practical lifestyle advice
    • care in the community wherever this course of action is practicable and offers optimum benefits for the patient.

    We have experienced staff available, able to help patients & their families to understand the medical jargon and to assist them to decide about their future treatment – ‘informed consent'.

    We are a complementary service provider which means that we operate in partnership with medical treatment.   In partnership we will offer a holistic and integrated approach.  

    We will liaise with ‘The Camara', Health Authority, Social Services, Medical Specialists, General Practitioners and existing organisations that have long since proved themselves.  We will be advised by ‘The International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care' – a branch of which exists in Portugal.  There is a Portuguese Association of Palliative Care known as the APCP, near Lisboa.  There is no hospice care available in the Algarve.

    We will be applying for Global Funding & European Community grants.  Other funding is available and we will apply for these once we have gained IPSS status.

    It is estimated that we will need €3.000.000 to build and equip our Day Care & Residential Centre.  We also need a suitable parcel of land, and are currently seeking approximately 1 hectare, offering tranquillity, ease of access and pleasant views.


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