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The Madrugada Concept

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  • Manifesto

    Our overall aim is to support people with life limiting illness, by enabling them to gain optimum benefit from their treatment by strengthening their general health and their emotional well being, thereby maximising quality of life.

    Our Project Madrugada is two fold,

    Phase 1 will:-

    1. Offer a valuable service by providing accurate information about medical and complementary treatments.
    2. Provide a database of home nursing & care services, recommended equipment for hire and transport & support services.
    3. Provide psychological support to patients in palliative care and their families.
    4. Provide education and training, designed to encourage appropriate life style changes in order to optimise health & well being.
    5. Provide subsidised complementary therapies & nursing services that have been well considered and are delivered by qualified practitioners.
    6. Open a Charity Shop which will provide the revenue necessary to run the Advice Centre.
    7. Create fund raising opportunities to support both phases 1 & 2 of the project.

    Phase 2 will:-

    Work towards our ultimate aim of building, equipping & maintaining a facility which is able to offer day care and residential services to anyone who is affected by life limiting illness. Our centre will provide the following services:

    • Inpatient Care Unit offering a comfortable homely environment
    • Outpatient & Day Care facility offering supporting services
    • Information & Education to the family and community
    • Professional Training & Research
    • Respite care
    Once we have established our facility as an effective provider of services, we also hope very much to be able to offer these services to children. We fully understand that the needs of sick children are very different to those of adults and require a separate unit and a specialised approach.  Our facilities will be modelled on some very fine establishments already known to us and we will be consulting existing providers every step of the way.
    If you would like to know more about becoming a sponsor or a friend of Madrugada, or would like make a donation, please call Alison 964951570 or contact us by email:
    alison@madrugada-portugal.com or


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