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Work for us

We have a great team of volunteers from many different countries who work in our stores, deliver goods, raise funds, offer adhoc admin support, monitor the finances and develop the strategic direction of Madrugada. We could not function or provide the care we do without them.

Our managing Boards are all volunteer Members, these include all the members of the Direção (Management Board) including the President, the Fiscal Board (who monitor the financial activity) and the members of our Assembleia Geral (AGM facilitators).

However, as with all developing charitable services, including other Palliative Care providers, we employ 2 member of staff  the office to manage our busy office and support our retail function.  Here we employ a full time person to look after both of our busy stores, suitably assisted by 2 retail assistants, one for each store. Plus of course we have a Clinical Manager who directly supports patients and their loved ones affected by life limiting illness.

These are roles where in our experience it is not possible to give the level and consistency of service required in any other way. Qualifications, responsibility, language skills and compliance, being the most important competencies for the personnel working in these roles.

Our registered Nurses and Carers are all self-employed and are called upon when needed for Madrugada patients.

If you think you have the time and the qualifications and would like to join our team please contact us by email with your c.v. at admin@madrugada-portugal.com.